Zeeland makes your sportive heart sing! Inhale the healthy, ravishingly, pure, salty air!

Everyone can find something over here that he or she likes to do. Lovers of water sports, sun-worshippers, divers, walkers will be in their element on the island,. The untamed peace and quiet scenery is perfect for ramblers, riders, anglers, golfers. For the more active ones: you can go bloc karting, climbing. But not only outdoors, there are also numerous indoor activities to explore.

cycling through polders or along the waters
cycling through polders or along the waters

Walking and Cycling

The untamed peace and quiet scenery is perfect for ramblers. Zeeland is a biker's delight!

The shore line and country surroundings invite you for walking- and cycling tours. It is a wonderful experience to wander over the flower dikes of Zuid-Beveland, to ride with your bike through the wide polder landscape, or to go on a mountainbike rally through the forests or over the sandy beaches. And allow yourself to relax with a picnic in the pure air.

In Zeeland you will find an extensive network of cycle-and wandering paths and thanks to the handy FIKS walking network of routes ( a node planner) and the FIKS cycling planner you can map out your own itinerary. There are even some Theme routes readymade. We have maps available for your, but you can already plan your biking or hiking routes in advance by visiting the website of You can print these routes or download them onto your GPS or smartphone.

When you make a tour by foot or bike, you can even cross between the islands. In early days the Islands of Zeeland were only accessible by boats and ferries. Nowadays bridges, dams and tunnels connect the islands with the main land. Some of those old ferries are now being used to transfer bikers and wanderers from one island to the other.

walking along the beach
walking along the beach

Walking, hiking

In each season you can wander along the shoreline. If you love nature, there are fantastic walks among the dunes and inland.

Enjoy the freedom of being outside and try to find at the same time hidden treasures(caches). All you need for this so called Geocaching is a handheld GPS or smartphone, coordinates of the cache (to be found on internet). Also in Noord Beveland there are caches to be found.

climbing park
climbing park

Active outside

Also on the land you will find numerous sportive activities too. Everyone can find something over here that he or she likes to do. To give you some suggestions:
- Play golf: several Golf courses are nearby, as well as miniature golf. Ever tried "farmers golf": playing with a golf club which has a wooden shoe at the end!
- Discover the region on the small roads, or go "off-road" with a rented bug-race, solex (old moped) , go-kart or a Segway.
-Go climbing: in tree tops, on rope ladders, challenging bridges, sturdy liana and zip lines. Also a pier (column) of The Eastern Scheldt Barrier-can be climbed and slide down.
- The active ones can go paintballing, trampoline jumping or play laser games and archery battles.

walking with donkeys
walking with donkeys

Horseback riding...

Several riding schools offer horseback riding tours  through forests, over small hard surfaced roads, along the beach and along the Eastern Scheldt. You can also take horse riding lessons.

Walking with a Donkey or Alpaca

Make your scenic route excited and make a trail with a donkey. It can carry your picnic basket or your small child. Or make a walk with an alpaca.

surfing on the northsea
surfing on the northsea

Active on & near the water

Zeeland is a real water sport holiday province: you find water everywhere. Not strange, because almost a third of the province consists of water. It is not just any water: Zeeland has the sea, inlets, lakes, canals, creeks, weirs and naturally the National Park Oosterschelde
Whether you are a diver, a sport fisherman, surfer or a competition sailor there is always water that will suit you. Whether you are an advanced sportsman who likes to challenge the tides and likes the rough waters or whether you are a beginner who prefers the calm water of the Veerse Lake.
You can enjoy canoeing, kayaking, surfing, kite-surfing, water skiing, wakeboarding, skim boarding, fly boarding or paddling (even throught the canals of Middelburg!!
You can sail along with a sailing boot or if you want more speed: rent yourself a (motor) boat, or a jet ski
There are many schools where you can take lessons or clinics. The courses are optimized to suit everyone's level. These schools also rent material.
Also the beach is the perfect area to be active: do some beach-volley, bloc karting (sailing on sand) or fly kites. If you are more a "zen-person" join then a yoga clinic on the beach or... on a surf paddle and try to keep your balance.

indoor play area
indoor play area

Active inside

A grey day?.. or not?? Mostly the wind will disperse the rainclouds off the island within a couple of hours. But, you won't be at a loose end. There are numerous indoor activities to explore: for children as well as adults
In the several Attraction parks and indoor playgrounds, (like the Klokuur)  toddlers and older children can have a full day of fun. They can scramble, climb, glide, slide and jump. The subtropical swimming pools offer giant slides, wild water rapids and relaxing whirlpools and paddling pools for the very young ones.
Special organisations offer ample opportunities for karting, trampoline-jumping, playing Lego, glow golfing (glow in the dark golf), bowling, playing laser games...even skiing or snowboarding .
There is a big range of creative workshops in the region. Professionals in various fields of expertise offer clinics/courses to learn you new skills or improve them: knitting, crocheting, painting, drawing, making jewellery or create something with shells or willow branches. When you take a cookery workshop you may learn new recipes, learn to cook with local seafood or to brew beer.

paragliding off the dunes
paragliding off the dunes

In the air:

-Join a flight with a small motor plane or in a gliding plane. You can even take lessons. Or make a jump with a parachute out of a plane at a height of 3000 metres
-You can go paragliding (float down on a delta wing) in the neighbourhood of Zoutelande. These dunes are the highest is the Netherlands (and reach up to 30 to 45 metres). The rising air currents around these dunes, make this a perfect place to glide.


Diving & snorkelling

Divers from all over Europe come to the Eastern Scheldt Park (the largest nature reserve in the Netherlands) to dive. Because the influence of tidal water, this is more suitable for the experienced divers. A huge variety of fish from gobies, sculpins and flat fish to small shark species and even the occasional seahorse can be seen. In spring you can witness cuttlefish and squid breeding.
- The lake Veere, with its shallowness is more suitable for all divers. Visibility of 10 metres is no exception. You can see eels, lobsters, anemones, shrimps and flatfishes as well as brightly coloured colonies of sea squirts.
- You can take diving-lessons /clinics in the vicinity. Already at the age of 10 years!
Snorkelling: - If you download the best snorkling spots in  the Netherlands you will find also Geersdijk, which is very nearby!. If you go snorkelling at Westkapelle, you will find war equipment under the water. In that region the Allied Forces came on land during the second World War.