Wellness & Relaxation

A grey day?.. or not??.

Mostly the wind will disperse the rainclouds off the island within a couple of hours. But, you won't be at a loose end. There is enough to do.
You really should visit a sauna, city spa or beauty salon. I's wonderfully, enjoyable and relaxing.
-- leave stresses and strains of daily life behind with a flotation session, by drifting lazy on a highly concentrated solution of warm water and Epsom salts. floatcentrum at Vrouwenpolder.
--visit a Turkish steam bath or sauna and cool down in the plunge baths.
-- pamper yourself with a facial or body massage. There are various massages to choose from. Hotstone, cellulite treatment or massages with herbal-stamps.
  All of Zeeland’s saunas offer massages and in Domburg, you can even get a massage on the beach: what better way to relax than to the sound of the waves!
-- Give yourself a beauty treatment.: a facial massage, a manicure, pedicure..

- There are also some Garra Rufa Foot Spa's where small fishes smoothen your skin by eating your skin-flakes.

-- Subtropical waterparcs are nearby, for example in Kamperland, Goes and Domburg.