Lighthouses & Harbours in Zeeland

Lighthouses: Zeeland has several lighthouses. Some you can visit. Westerlicht near Burgh-Haamstede and Zuiderhoofd in Westkapelle are among the province’s most famous lighthouses.

Ports, Harbours, shipyards:  you will find many different ports in Sealand.
Industrial ports in Vlissingen and Terneuzen, where many types of cargo are being handled,
small pleasure-boot harbours, and even silted harbours.

Zeeland Seaports encompasses two ports: the port of Vlissingen and the port of Terneuzen. The 'Voorhaven' is the oldest port of Vlissingen:  built during the Middle Ages, still intact and currently used by the pilot boats. After creatign the " Sloehaven" in 1964, Vlissingen has constructed numerous new ports since, and is becoming more and more important.The port of Terneuzen didn't really start to develop unti 1896. In this port an interactive information centre is to be visited. Discover the lock in operating the 18 metres bridge cellar down below, take a harbour tour by boat and admire the huge boats, get a glimpse behind the scenes