Active Outdoors

Not only on the water, but also on the land you will find numerous activities too. There are also numerous places where you can rent your material.
- archery, or arrow battle (archery battle)
- beach volleybal
- blockarten
- bugracer trips: make a trip on the small roads or go of the road.
- climbing on rope bridges or of a column of The Eastern Scheldt kering
- fly kites (not allowed on every beach)
- karting / or rent a skelter (go-kart)
- mais labyrinth
- orienteering tours with compass or gps
- paintball
- raft building
- tennis
- trampoline jumping

These activities can be held at: klimbos Westenschouwen, kanoa in Wolphaartsdijk, zeelandbuitenland, Jan Trampoline in Westenschouwen, Zeelandbuitenland.

fishing at a ditch or on a river.Or take a workshop beach-fishing at Colijnsplaat
- yoga on the beach; in summer daily sessions at Domburg. Also possibiliies in Westkapelle and Vrouwenpolder
- hammock yoga in Middelburg. And in summer at the beach.

--You will find golf courses on various locations in Zeeland: eg. in Goes (Goese golfbaan), Domburg and MIddelburg
-- In Wissenkerke you can practise farmersgolf. Your farmersgolfclub has a wooden shoe at the end!
-- midgetgolf
- beachgolf: swingen and putten on a special golf course on the sandy Zeeuwse Beach.
In the air:
You can go paragliding (float down on a deltawing) in the neighbourhoud of Zouteland, overthere the dunes reach up to 45. Paragliding is only permitted in the area around Zoutelande (at dune crossing 10). These dunes are the highest is the Netherlands (30 to 45 metres high). The rising air currents around these dunes, make this a perfect place to glide.
-- In Haamstede you can make a trip in a gliding plane. You can even take a lesson.
-- parachuting /skydiving:jump out of a plane at a hight of 3000 metres
-- at cessair you can join a flight with a small motor plane or even take a lesson

horseback riding: - several riding schools offer horseback riding tours along the beach, through forests and over small hard surfaced roads. You can also take horse riding lessons.