Nostalgia & Traditions in Zeeland

--In various places in Zeeland you will come across a lady in national costume. The Zeeland costume is very heavy but lovely and in this hectic life too much fuss to wear every day. But there are costume societies who keep the tradition going. During fetes and fishery parties and other events you can see the differences between the villages, in the costumes of men women and children.
There are a variety of museums dedicated to showing the different styles of regional dress on the islands.

nostalgic souvenirs

The Zeeuwse button / clasp is a typical part of the former Zeeland regional costume.
You could find this button/clasp not only on the men's costume, but also in womens necklaces
Nowadays the shape/form of this clasp is used in many attractive gifts and household items. You will find not only chocolats in the shape of a Zeeuwse button, but also cheese, earrings, soap, candles, cake tin bed sheets etc.
A nice idea to buy such an item as a souvenir
-Zeeuws e Missjes: The national costume in a nowadays look. These ladies make shoulder-bags, postcards, posters, bycicle-bags in an original style.
tikkeltje zeeuws In early days the kitchen apron were made of a cloth with a special desing/pattern. This pattern has become modern again. 
-Klompen makerij Traas: Here you will find the old dutch wooden shoes, but with a new touch. You will also find house shoes in the original clog shape.