more nature parks in the vicinity

There are many nature reserves in the immediate vicinity. To mention a few:

-- Fortress Rammekens is one of the most beautiful monuments of Zeeland. The Fortress stands at the heart of nature reserve Rammekenshoek, which came into excistence after bombardements carried out by the Allied Forces in 1944. Behind the new dike, a nature area was formed, where special plants grow like Orchids.
-- At the creeks of Veere, you'll find the highest bird populaton in the whole Delta waters. The Veere woords and crees owe their existence to the bursting of the dike in 1945 during the liberation of Walcheren. The deep tidal channels that were formed at the time and forest planted all around them, are now a fabulous walking area.
-- Former water-collection area Oranjezon is a hugely varied nature reserve, rich in plant and animal life. Apart from roe deers, it is also a home to a size-able populaton of fallow deer.
--Nisse, on Zuid-Beveland, is surrounded by a lovely natrue area of hedges and wildflower dikes.
--Kop van Schouwen – Zeepeduinen (1550 ha): varied dune area with impressive drifting sand dunes, moist dune valleys and cultivated pine forest; with a wealth of original dune flora and fauna. Zeepeduinen is partially accessible, the rest of the area is freely accessible on cycle paths and footpaths.
- Manteling-Zeeduin-Oranjezon (474 ha): nicely vegetated dune area consisting of a series of country estates (with a wealth of forest birds and formerly cultivated flora) The Manteling woods are situated between Domburg and Oostkapelle. On the edge of the forest lies Westhove Castle, one of the oldes countryhouses in Zeeland.

- In the east part of Vlissingen and on the area "Volgerland'(West end of Goeree) you can encounter spoonbills.