Nature in the water

Wissenkerke lies near to the National Park Oosterschelde, which is a unique nature area. It is definitely worth a visit under water and above. Hundreds of plant and animal species liveher in sunch with the tides and the seasons - in the water, on the dikes and in the nature areas around them.\

There are several diving schools making it possible to examine the sea life of the Oosterschelde up close. If you take such a diving trip, you will be amazed at the rich underwater world with oysters, crabs, lobsters, clams, flatfish, shrimp and many other kinds of fish and shellfish.

Depending on the time of the year the divers expierience under water a very diverse array of marine life with many species of anemones, sponges, lobsters, crabs, slugs and squid.
Sepia is the most common type of squid that you might encouter in the Oosterschelde. Especially in the spring when the water temperature about 12 degrees and the Sepia is laying its eggs in the Oosterschelde. This is a wonderful sight for the diver to see. From febuary to april divers have the chance to meet the Lump fish. During these months it comes out of the North Sea into the Oosterschelde to reproduce.
Last year even reported several encounters with seahorses, indicating an ever-improving Oosterschelde.

The only coral sort of the Netherlands, is to be found in the waters of the Eastern Sheldt: The Dead Mens Finger (Alcyonium digitatum): a soft coral sort.