Noord-Beveland and its Nature & Countryside

While the North Sea beach, the Oosterschelde and the Veerse Meer are only a few kilometres away from Wissenkerke, there are many nature reserves in the immediate vicinity. The area is ideal for beautiful walks and voluminous nature, some with unique flora and fauna, interweaved with views of a wide polder landscape, make this a wonderful experience
Tranquillity and space are the ideal combination for the perfect way to unwind; a respite in these hectic days. Lovers of water sports, sun-worshippers, divers, walkers and cyclists will be in their element on the island, and the friendly residents really make you feel at home.
There are possibilities to discover the woods with a forester, or to join an excursion at the National Oosterschelde Park with a nature-guide.
And even take excursion by boat to look for seals.

--At Noord Beveland you can enjoy a broad outlook over acres where dikes are the borders. The tall poplars accentuate the horizon. As you see a field with blue flax growing. Sometimes you will even see a meadow with a Zeeuws cart horse chewing on a willow.
- In Zéland are 18 different orchid varieties to be found. One of the "orchid hotspots"is the park of the Schotsman, at North Beveland. Where you can find for example the marsh orchid.
- If you go a bit more south the landscape changes. Zuid Beveland, and specially "de zak van Zuid Beveland" contains the oldest polder landscapes of the Netherlands. From above, it looks like a large patchwork of fields, pastures, dikes and creeks. Fruit cultivation is an important source of income in this area. Most of the creeks that you will find in this area are old memories of dike breaches. Birds gratefully make use of these ponds. A historical highlight is the Fortress of Ellewoutsdijk by the side of the Westerschelde river. This impressive sea fortress offers a beautiful view over South Beveland and is definitely worth while.

- a map with nature resorts in Zeeland.


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