General Conditions & Privacy

Privacy Statement:
Only the information which you have voluntarily provided on behalf of your reservation are collected and temporarily stored by us. We do not sell, lend, lease or hire our client lists, or any information related to these lists, to third parties. Unless we are forced by law.

Accuracy of data
We pay a lot of care and attention to ensure that the information on Op Noord-Beveland' website is accurate. We can however not be held responsible for any inaccuracies, misunderstandings and/or for information that was changed at a later date. This includes any possible typing errors. Whilst prices liable to change, all prices stated on the confirmation/invoice are binding.
Op Noord-Beveland' website is exclusively available for personal and not commercial use. The information of this site is property of Op Noord-Beveland. This means that any other usage of the site is prohibited, unless written consent has been acquired from Op Noord-Beveland. The copyright of other text/pictures has been covered as far as possible. If despite of this you think to own the copyricht of an item published on this website, we kindly request you to inform us of this.
Third party websites
Op Noord-Beveland' website contains links to websites of third parties. We also publish articles as well as adverts on several websites. Op Noord-Beveland may not be held accountable for the content or the use of such internet sites, or for any possible repercussions of visitations to such sites. We also cannot be held responsible for the responses of visitors and accept no liability whatsoever for the content and signing of responses from visitors.


General Conditions:
Good agreements make good friends

The general conditions apply to all offers, reservations and agreements made via Op Noord-Beveland website. Below you will find a complete overview of these conditions. Op Noord-Beveland reserves the right to change the conditions contained on the website.
I thank you for your cooperation and understanding and wish you a pleasant stay at the accommodation.
Klick on the link to look for the conditions: general_conditions_opnoordbeveland.pdf (51513)