nostalgic events

-There are numerous harbour and fishing festivities organised in Zeeland. When there is an ‘R’ in the month, the musselfestivities take place. Because the mussels - known locally as ‘black gold’ - are then in season.

- Straô events / horse-feet-washing-event:  Each year in the 6 weeks for Eastern, you will find the Straô-riding events ("straô" is an old word for "beach")  in Burgh-Haamstede. Ellemeet, Noordwell, Renesse, Scharendijke en Serooskerke. It is a tradition to welcome the spring.  Farmers from Zeeland cherhisd their big work-horses. Because they were important for them (for the heavy work on the fields). They ride with their horses through the water as to clean the horses' hoves and legs with the salty water and as part of a century-old tradition for warding off evil spirits
--An old traditon: ring-riding. Bareback draught horses gallop full speed over a sandy track 36 meters long. The rider must with his lance catch a ring 38mm round that hangs over the track, during the competition the ring gets smaller. When the winner is known he is picked up and swung from side to side by the other riders.
- Another tradition is sjezenrijden/ horse-and-wagon-driving.  It involves a man and woman seated in a traditional two-wheeled wagon called a sjees. The man drives the wagon while the woman attempts to spear the ring. To add to the atmosphere, you’ll see contestants in the sjees often dressed in traditional folk costumes

- Traditional horse riding events are held in the province´s villages in late spring and summer and are especially popular on the island of Walcheren.
- flax day (mid August in Dreischor): experience how people treated flax in early days. There are demonstrations with old machinery.
- weaving-market (mid august in Zierikzee) : with demonstrations of weaving, filting, knitting, crocheting and more techniques. Possibilities to join a small workshop, or to buy handmade produkts.
- beets-boot-ride:
in september beets are being harvest. In early days the only way to transport the harvest to Sugarfabriks outside the provice was with sailing boots, as there were no bridges. In a very short time a big harvest had to be shiped. Nowadays they simulate this event. Old beautiful sealingboots with men in traditional costume simulate this expedition again