Local Products, salty treasures of Zeeland

On the website "Eet nu" you will find all restaurants, brasseries in zeeland, whatever your budget or whatever your taste. At two minutes walk from your holidayhome you will find Restaurant de Kroon (opens every day!)
silt and salt delights..
--Fish, fish and more fish. It can’t get any fresher than this. Visit the fish market in Colijnsplaat on a Thursday morning and see the fish being loaded from the cutters. The fish is then sorted and sold. The market clock is used to set the price and the merchants will make bids.
--Wheter you fill a picnic basket or wether you visit a restaurants: it is a pure joy to eat the local products. Try lobster that comes straight from the Oosterschelde, have some mussels, a portion cockels, a fish soup or a portion of shrimps. Complete your meal with some special healthy Zeeuwse vegetables like sea kraal (marsh samphire), a plant that grows on bare spots and at the edges of marshes. Or try the sea lavender, which is also a salty vegetable.
--Say Zeeland and you think of mussels. Off the heat onto the table, quick to cook with finely chopped onion, celery, and carrots. And then enjoy. A glass of wine or a beer it becomes a feast, that something so simple could be so tasty. Mussel seeds are fisched up, braught to mussel beds. There they grow for 2 years (aquaculture) and then the mussel farmers harvest the mussel and bring it to the mussel auction in Yerseke. Did you know that Yerseke hosts the first and only mussel auction in the world. (see this youtube)
--Also Oysters from Zeeland (Yerseke is world famous for its mussel- and oyser cultures!) are a true delicacy, because of a special farming method. They can be eaten raw or grilled. There are two types available: The Zeeuwse wild oyster or creuse as it's sometimes calles, and the Zeeuwse Flat oyster. You can visite the oyster basins in the harbour.
The lobsters from the Eastern Scheldt have a milder flavour than other European species. The fishing methodes are quite labour intensive and the fishing season is restricted to a short season : 1th of april to mid-July. Only the males who are 7 or 8 years old end up on your dish.
- nowadays inhabitants more and more try to cultivate fish and "sea-vegetables". This "aqua-culture" is needed to, not only garantee enough food for everyone in future, but also to maintain the fish population. You can have a look at an aqua-culture-station in Colijnsplaat. In Kamperland
"Zeewaar"is the first sustainable cultivator of Dutch seaweeds in the natural environment.

also sweet deligts

also sweet delights...
-- are famous, such as the "roomboterbabbelaar" : a kind of candy made by real butter.
-- The "Zeeuwse bolus" is a sticky sweet roll, made by white bread dough, shaped in a spiral and rolled in brown sugar. If it comes out of the oven a layer of syrup is poured over it. The nicest bolus sticks really to your fingers!
--Emelisse, is a brewery in Kamperland. There, you can enjoy the nicest beer in Zeeland. Presentations will be given, together with guided tours of the brewery. The day is usually concluded with a beer-tasting!
- Try a local High Beer, with 5 different beers from Zeeland and matching local snacks. Or  try a "Zeeuwse"(local) high tea. With all kinds of local  tea blends (from zeeland) and local delicacies.
-- Taste the lamb of Zeeland: as the lamb graze on salted ground, the meat has a special taste.
-- Did you know that the climat here during the Middle Ages warmer was than it is now. In those days there were several vineyards in Zeeland. Now they have made a comeback. You will find one in Wissenkerke.


On the road:
--My tip : if you are on the road, and you see a sign: "te koop". Then stop en buy the fresh fruit, the vegetables or the jams he local farmer offers their on his table. You take whatever you want, you pay buy putting your money in the jar which is on the table, and you continue your journey. Sometimes you even can pick your own basket of fruit right from the plant.
- Make an amusetour: Travel around Noord Beveland on your bike or with your car. Stop at certain restaurants/bistro's/ eating-houses and surprise yourself with a refreshment and a delicacy/tidbit.


Nostalgia / souvenirs The Zeeuwse button / clasp is a typical part of the former Zeeland regional costume.You could find this button/clasp not only on the men's costume, but also in womens necklaces. Nowadays the shape/form of this clasp is used in many attractive gifts and household items. You will find for example chocolats in the shape of a Zeeuwse button and also cheese.
- you can even find a bar of chocolat in the shape of our island Noord Beveland!