diving and snorkling in Zeeland

snorkeling- If you go snorkeling at Westkapelle, you will find war equipment under the water. In that region the Allied Forces came on land during the second World War.
or go unther water...go diving..

Diving in Zeeland is popular. A huge variety of fish from gobies, sculpins and flat fish to small shark species and even the occasional seahorse can be seen. During springtime you can witness cuttlefish and squid breeding.
-- Divers from all over Europe come to the Eastern Sheldt Park (National Park Oosterschelde) to dive. They love to see the the mating of the catfish.
- The Easternsheldt gives you the opportunity to dive in the largest nature reserve in the Netherlands. Because the influence of the Eastern Sheldt  tidal water, this is more suitable for the experienced divers.

- there a possibilites to explore some wrecks who are to be found in the Easternsheldt. You will be amazed at the sealife to be found within these wrecks.
- The lake Veere, with its shallowness is more suitable for all divers. Visibility of 10 metres is certainly no exception. You can see eels, lobsters, anemones, shrimps and flatfishes as well as brightly coloured colonies of sea squirts.
- You can take diving-lessons / diving clinic at water sport-park De Schotsman and in Renesse Already at the age of 10 years!


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