Active discovery of Zeeland

Whatever your age and whatever your interests…
Zeeland is of course the water sport holiday province that many watersport fanatics have discovered. Whether you are a diver, a sport fisherman, surfer or a competition sailor there is always water that will suit you. Whether you are an advanced sportsman/athlete who likes the rough waters or wether you are a beginner who prefers the calm water of the Veerse Lake.
Everyone can find something over here that he or she likes to do. The untamed peace and quiet scenery is perfect for ramblers, riders, anglers, golfers. For the more active ones: you can go bloc karting, climbing. But not only outdoors, there are also numerous indoor activities to explore.
In your holiday home you will find lots of ideas, maps and information.


Discover Zeeland in a special way
- enjoy a culinary tour with the Taste Route and stop somewhere to fill your bicycle basket with goodies
- take
a tour along all kinds of shops selling antiques and high quality second hand goods

- enjoy Zeeland on a horse back (ride along the beach or through the woods, or take lessons)
- hire a
- make a trail with a donkey
- hop in high season on the Noord Beveland Express (a free tour around Noord-Beveland)
- take a ride back in time aboard a steam locomotive
- Geocaching: is an exciting outdoor adventure for the whole family. It’s a treasure hunt for the digital generation. You need to find outdoors, 
the hidden treasure or cache, while at the same time you can enjoy the freedom of being outside and discovering new places. All you need is a handheld GPS or smartphone, coordinates of the cache (to be found on internet) and a sense of curiousity. Also in Noord Beveland there are caches to be found.
make a bugracer trip: drive on the small roads or go of the road.
- rent a go kart (skelter) and discover the south part of Schouwen Duiveland en watch all kinds of birds

- put on your roller skates, inline skates or rollerblades (or rent them) and make a sight seeing tour.
-- you can take your bike on board the little ferries that cross between the islands, too. Read more?
- make a trip with a segway along the water of perhaps through Middelburg
- or take the tuk-tuk taxi in Veere


Note: Outside high season: some attractions/facilities may have limited opening hours. Consult their websites